Friday, April 2, 2010

Interview Beats Every Other Fashion Magazine to the iPad

Interview's iPad version will come out on April 3, the very day the iPad itself comes out. This makes them the first fashion magazine to go Pad, beating out Condé Nast titles Vogue and W, which should soon enough spawn Pad-ready versions of themselves. But it makes sense, because the people who subscribe to Interview are probably the same people who got up early to order a Pad whatever day it went on sale.

The next issue of Interview doesn't come out until April 12, so the special people with iPads get to see it more than a week early. And the iPad Interview is an audiovisual package, including 330 screens of images and a video by Bruce Weber. The issue includes a story on Ke$ha, and the Jersey Shore spread Terry Richardson shot a little while ago. Just imagine, enjoying a nice iced soy latte at Mudspot this spring with your iPad, casually iFlipping through the latest Interview before anyone else, marveling at the Jersey Shore male's remarkable and disturbing physique. Yuppie extremism at its best.

Interview Becomes First Fashion Magazine to Debut iPad Version with April 2010 Issue [Fashionologie]

By: Amy Odell

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