Monday, April 5, 2010

Check out the remix and write up of my friend 10-4 Roger...Good work RJ!!!

Renton-bred DJ/producer Roger Habon AKA 10-4 Rog, deemed the next shit by Mudede, has remixed "Bodies That Matter" by local indie artist Allan Lumba AKA Multo. Fairly new to Multo aside from a post Matson put up a couple months back, I wasn't sure what to expect. Overused adjectives like dreamlike and gauzy swim through my head like transparent fish, organs visible through translucent flesh.

Multo - Bodies That Matter

Roger's take is a delicacy somehow even more delicate than the original:
Multo - Bodies That Matter (10-4 Rog Remix)

I'm glad there's a producer in the local hiphop sphere with Roger's rare taste and simple, raw aesthetic. Look for more from this guy- hopefully with past collaborators THEESatisfaction and Helladope, as well as young MC The Good Sin and quiet as kept, a Mash Hall remix.

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