Monday, April 5, 2010

line2 - DOWN WITH AT&T

This is old news now, and IP phone services is nothing new but I like this story and the amount of mainstream press it is getting. Here are two companies which i really cant stand, AT&T and APPLE, and I love when someone challenges there oppressive and exploitative price gouging schemes. AT&T and APPLE, both have poor costumer service and support. They intentionally over charge their costumers for services and access to technology and deliver poor quality products.

I have to say reading this story made me happy to see that someone is cutting into AT&T ridiculous profits margins. Though you could not pay me enough money to get an iphone, I did think about it for a split second when I read this NY TIMES article, but then just when I had finished reading, my CRAPBOOK over heated, which caused me to restart my computer and remind me why I cant stand APPLE even more.

NY TIMES ARTICLE about line2 .

AT&T ...This is guy has a message for you :

I totally agree cause I have had problems products from both of these companies.


Thanks, that was great.

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