Thursday, May 21, 2009


Even if it is 70 years since the book Think and Grow Rich was written, it is still a highly respected and read book. It has sold millions of copies and is a "Bible" for people who are searching financial freedom. The essence of the book is Napoleon Hill's famous statement: Everything your mind can concieve, you can archieve" The title says the same, in different works: Think Aand Grow Rich

The book teaches "thirteen steps to riches" accourding to Napoleon Hill.

It offers many questionnaires and practical excercise in addition to all the text it gives you clear guide lines in how to set goals and reach them and how to make clear plans to follow. You are shown how you can realize your highest potential, and succeed in anything you set your mind to.

It also teaches you not to give up, and see all mistakes as learning opportunities. Napoleon Hill Teaches that successful people never considers temporary failure as a permanent defeat.

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